Can people buy used nets from the A/OFRC?2020-09-21T16:25:20-04:00


What does the A/OFRC do with fish that are captured in studies?2020-12-23T11:25:05-05:00

We will offer the fish to the community we are working with to be dispersed as they see fit.

How does the A/OFRC use traditional knowledge?2020-12-15T11:15:04-05:00

That varies with the project. In some cases we collect information to help us scope a project, in others the traditional knowledge is the focus of the work.

How does the A/OFRC protect traditional knowledge?2020-09-21T16:31:46-04:00

We do not communicate traditional knowledge to third parties without the prior permission of the knowledge holder.

I caught a tagged fish – what do I do?2020-12-23T11:25:48-05:00

There are a few different ways to submit the tag information: there is a tag return on our website, or you can call our office with the information.

Does the A/OFRC sell fish?2020-12-23T11:29:31-05:00

No, we do NOT sell fish.

Does the A/OFRC issue licences and permits?2020-12-23T11:29:44-05:00

No. We do NOT issue any licences or permits.

Does the A/OFRC work with First Nations who are not part of the Anishinabek Nation?2020-09-21T16:34:47-04:00

Sometimes we do. It is on a fee for service basis when we do.

Does the A/OFRC work for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry?2020-09-21T16:35:12-04:00

No. We receive funding from MNRF under the terms of agreements between Ontario and the Anishinabek Nation as represented by the Union of Ontario Indians dating to 1993, when the Anishinabek Conservation and Fishing Agreement was signed.