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The roles of the Centre are to report on stock status, evaluate stresses on fish populations and habitats, promote the use of state of the art science and technology, and to provide a forum for information sharing and participation with stakeholders. The Centre also plays an important role in offering management recommendations to promote sustainable fisheries and resolve conflict.

The A/OFRC has established a solid working relationship with First Nations, provincial agencies and community organizations by earning a reputation as a trusted independent source of fisheries information. We will continue to strive to maintain and strengthen these relationships in any future endeavours.

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News Release: Attention Anglers

For any tagged harvested Lake Sturgeon, we ask for the tags to be turned in to the Lands and Resources Department at the Garden River Band Office. Read the full report here: Attention Anglers

News Release: Thessalon First Nation

In partnership with Thessalon First Nation, A/OFRC crews completed a Wetland Turtle and Amphibian Survey. This project took place from April 2017 - September 2017. For more information, contact 705-472-7888. A copy of the News [...]

News Release: Curve Lake First Nation

In partnership with Curve Lake First Nation, A/OFRC crews will be completing a Wild Rice and Fish Habitat Survey on Pigeon Lake. This project will be taking place the last week of July 2017. For [...]

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